The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training collects education statistics through an annual censuses of its education institutions. This data is processed and published in two separate booklets and disseminated to users and stakeholders. The first booklet (Basic Statistics in Education BEST National) contains data at national level and covers a period of five years. The second booklet (Basic Statistics in Education BEST Regional) contains data at regional level and covers a period of one year. These publications contain data on pre-primary, primary, secondary, adult and non-formal, teacher education, school inspection, and education finance. Since 2009, the booklets have also included data on vocational education and training and higher education. A wide range of indicators are also published.

As a complementary tool to the MoEVT statistical publications, the online best has been introduced. Through the Ministry web site, online BEST statistics allows you to browse into the data in a more user-friendly manner. The different sets of data underlying the production of each Table in the BEST National publication (Basic Education Statistics Tanzania) are available under an Excel pivot table file.

By clicking on the above Menu you can download these Excel files and then build your own statistical tables. Menu numbers correspond to table numbers in the BEST.

Data is only available for 2010. Work is in on progress to build an historical data base.

A HELP menu above will assist you to access the reporting tools

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